The Confident CEO (formerly Bloggers Creating Courses)

Finding Your Business Tribe as a Solopreneur - with Dr. Julie Luscombe

August 24, 2022 Verity Sangan & Dr. Julie Luscombe Episode 22
The Confident CEO (formerly Bloggers Creating Courses)
Finding Your Business Tribe as a Solopreneur - with Dr. Julie Luscombe
Show Notes

In this episode, we cover so much goodness from Dr. Julie Luscombe, a qualified coach. We set up our businesses at very similar times and have often had conversations around professional loneliness and creating your own business tribe when working as a solopreneur. Here, Dr. Julie gives her top tips for combatting professional loneliness. We also delve into the conversation of setting up your own business; the challenges and experiences this brings, and how finding your tribe keeps you sane and helps propel your business forward.

In this episode, we also discuss the differences between coaching and mentoring, and when one might be better used than the other. In the online business space, the words coaching and mentoring seem to get used interchangeably. But, it's important to recognise that coaching and mentoring are two very different approaches to working with clients.

We also dive into talking about imposter syndrome, and Julie shares her top tips for getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and appreciating what you and your business have to offer.

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Dr Julie Luscombe has a background in mental health nursing, public health and education specialist. She achieved an MSc in Public Health allowing her to pursue a commitment to reducing inequalities within the Island of Jersey and advocating for disadvantaged communities. After moving to a Higher Education role, she achieved the Doctorate in Education by focusing her research on mature, post-qualified nursing students who possessed ability but lacked self-belief. Addressing imposter syndrome is a particular area of interest for her.

By setting up People Like Me, she is now in a position to offer coaching and training support to health care, public sector and charitable organisations in recognition of the professions she has enjoyed during her career.

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